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About Us

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Phoenix Community Projects (Phoenix) is a volunteer based, not-for-profit community organization. Our goal and commitment is to bring hope and support to the English community within the island of Montreal and Montérégie areas of Quebec. To achieve this goal, Phoenix offers a variety of programs, events and workshops with the purpose to:
           • Support emotional well-being & mental health
           • Nurture personal development
           • Break isolation
           • Build community

All programming is based on our core values of Caring, Community, and Contributing.
By respecting the dignity and the boundaries of all those who participate in Phoenix's programs, we ensure participants know they are coming into a safe space (either in-person or virtually), where they can be themselves and find support.
At our programs everyone belongs and has a place if they so choose. To foster community we provide programs for specific age groups (seniors, families, children) as well as organizing activities that are intergenerational. Through our programming, we create opportunities for knowledge sharing between participants, generations, mentoring and intergenerational connections.
Participants motivate and guide which direction the programming takes through their needs and interests. Also, participants are encouraged to contribute at every level of Phoenix. This can be a contribution of their time and energy, by volunteering to lead workshops, plan programs, fulfill administrative tasks, fundraising, and other areas they feel they can support.
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