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It is the priority of Phoenix to offer opportunities for individuals and families to grow in their personal interests or learn together. We offer a wide variety of workshops throughout the year. Phoenix members receive a 10% reduction for the workshops offered.
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Looking at the World Through a Mirror:                        Learning to See Through God's Eyes
              Led by Jessica Bickford

February 25-March 24


4955 Montee St Hubert,
St Hubert, Qc
(and by Zoom)

Free will donation (suggested $40)

Looking at the world through a mirror is a metaphor for how we need to look at ourselves to engage in the world around us. At the same time, the way we see ourselves may not be necessarily true. In the universe (be it God, creator, or spiritual other) we have been given an intention (purpose, call, meaning) for our life. This 4-week workshop series will delve into the depths of our spirituality, guiding participants on a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and connection with the divine. This series aims to explore our relationship with God, our place in the world, and the intricate connections we hold with ourselves and the community around us as well as connect with others on a similar journey.

Week 1: Who is God Anyway?

Uncover the various perspectives on God and embark on the first steps of a personal spiritual exploration. Engage in discussions, reflections, and activities designed to help you understand and define your unique connection with the divine.

Week 2: Fitting In: Community Connection or Societal Expectation?

Examine the delicate balance between finding community connection and succumbing to societal expectations. Navigate the complexities of fitting into a community while staying true to your spiritual identity. Explore the role of community in your spiritual journey and learn to discern healthy connections. 

Week 3: God's Call For Me

Discover the unique and divine purpose that awaits you. Through introspective exercises and guided meditations, discern God's call for your life. Explore the intersection of your skills, passions, and spiritual calling. Recognize the signs and signals that guide you towards a purposeful and meaningful life aligned with your spiritual path.

Week 4: Next Steps on the Journey

Embark on the practical aspects of your spiritual journey. Develop a personalized action plan based on the insights gained throughout the workshop series. Explore rituals, practices, and daily habits that support your spiritual growth. Connect with fellow participants to share experiences, insights, and ongoing support as you take your first steps on this transformative journey.

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