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Phoenix Community Projects has been providing programs to the community as not for profit organization since September 2020. We bring with us a team that possesses 40 years of experience within various areas of the community sector. These skills and talents range from community programming to event planning and organizational management.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, many of our founding members and volunteers were engaged in community programs that were being provided by a local church in the Montérégie Centre. Once the pandemic hit, all programs were shut down due to restriction measures. The pandemic did not alleviate previous social issues within the local community but compounded additional needs. Together this group of volunteers continued to provide programs on Zoom that would help break isolation, support emotional well-being, and mental health, and when needed provide physical resources to its participants. 

In the first six months, we supported 46 families from both the island of Montreal and Montérégie through our Kids Club, 22 seniors at our weekly virtual lunch, and 30 seniors at our weekly gatherings (eg trivia nights, workshops, Art Meditation, etc.) With such momentum, this group of volunteers decided it was in their best interest to formally register as a not-for-profit organization to continue support and potentially expand their functions. 

When COVID-19 measures began being lifted, membership was interested in gathering in person. Seeing as the core had been from the Montérégie Centre area it was decided to return to this area to explore and offer programs with the in-person configuration. A partnership was created with the Senior Respite Montérégie as they were able to provide space for Phoenix’s programming. This was advantageous for both groups seeing that many of the activities Phoenix wanted to organize took place in off times the Senior Respite Montérégie. Also, new participants Phoenix would bring into the space would allow them to get to know what additional support the Senior Respite Montérégie could provide to their families. 

As this partnership has grown, we are now interested in seeing what complimentary programs, can be implemented that will service and empower both seniors, and children/families as well as foster an intergenerational community.
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